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Study ServiceNow and start a new career as an IT-consultant for Sofigate

Study ServiceNow and start a new career as an IT-consultant for Sofigate

If you think it sounds interesting to work with problem solving, code and digitalization of organizations then you might find this opportunity appealing to you! Through an intensive training period you have the chance to become a ServiceNow expert. After you complete the training, you will start your new IT career at Sofigate, without having any previous experience within the field.

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Why change career to IT and ServiceNow?

Digitalization is changing the world and the way we live and do our work, therefore there is a great demand for those who know how to implement solutions.

So, if you find the IT-industry, problem solving and working with code interesting, and if you would like to work at the intersection of business development and technology, now it´s time to act:

We are looking for future participants for the 12-weeks free ServiceNow intensive training program that runs from October 10th to January 13th, 2023. Graduates from the program are expected to take on a career as an IT consultant at Sofigate. No previous background in the field is needed: motivation and the ability to learn are crucial!

The training is being held for the second time in an international virtual classroom with participants from Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. This allows you to build your Nordic network already during the training. After the training, you will work at Sofigate’s office in Copenhagen where you will continue your learning curve with support from your new colleagues.

“There is no similar workday, every day you learn something new. The best thing about ServiceNow is its versatility, and at the same time ease of use. It is a bit like Lego blocks: there's only an imagination limit when it's used and applied.”  

-Miika Kallasoja, ServiceNow Training Alumni

For who?

This offer is a great opportunity if you´re interested in:

  • To develop yourself to become a technical expert in interesting and constantly evolving technology
  • To reach technology challenges and support companies in digitalization
  • Working on diverse customer projects, identifying business challenges, and finding solutions
  • In a job where you get to work with code, but instead of diving deep into programming, the work is mostly done with the system's built-in functions, which means you can spend your time identifying and solving business challenges
  • To work as a consultant and in close cooperation with client companies

Do you have?

  • A burning interest in the IT-industry, digitalization, problem solving and helping customers
  • Strong motivation and a desire to carry out a demanding intensive education and work
  • A flexible approach, patience, and courage to embark on challenging situations - intensive training and a fresh start to the career gives a lot, but also requires a lot
  • The ability to learn quickly
  • As the teaching is conducted in English, we require fluent spoken and written English language skills. After graduation, the main language of work is English, but Danish is a great advantage

We offer:

  • Free intensive training that is teacher-led and with hands-on study
  • A permanent job through Academic Work at Sofigate, who has already employed previous AW Academy graduates
  • An exceptionally efficient route to a new career without any previous experience required

What is Service Now?

ServiceNow is an information management platform that can be used to automate business processes and services. In addition to increasing efficiency, service quality and scalability, ServiceNow lowers the time spent on routine tasks so employees can spend more time on demanding tasks. ServiceNow allows people to focus on the work itself and develop smarter processes, which increases the relevance of the work and well-being of the people.

What does a ServiceNow expert do?

“The most rewarding part of my job is the intense and communal way of working and the diverse work image that challenges and offers opportunities to get better every day. In addition, in a few areas, investing in the development of one’s own skills is rewarded as well as in ServiceNow.”

– Ida Finne, ServiceNow Training Alumni

As a ServiceNow expert, you are the true driver of the digital revolution: helping companies grow with technology.

Working with ServiceNow is a combination of identifying business challenges, creating digital solutions, and developing low-code. In practice, you get to:

  • Engage yourself in the business of customer companies and work with them and your team to solve challenges and create new opportunities with ServiceNow
  • Build solutions and automate processes by combining ServiceNow's ready-made building blocks (low-code development) and programming functionalities using the JavaScript programming language (scripting)
  • Maintain and customize customers' ServiceNow environments and support them

At the beginning of your career, you will gain knowledge in basic tasks, such as maintaining the platform. As you gain experience, you will be able to do more demanding technical implementations as well as more consulting work in the customer’s interface. As you gain experience, you will be able to do more demanding technical implementations as well as consulting work in the customer’s interface. Sofigate has a wide range of career- and development opportunities and directions in terms of rapidly growing technology, and there are endless new learning opportunities.

Learn more about the role in this interview with ServiceNow alumnaes Alisa and Besart.

About the workplace

After graduating from AW Academy, you will start working at Academic Work on a permanent basis and work as an IT-consultant at Sofigate. In practice, this means that you live and breathe everyday life at Sofigate - Academic Work acts as a support in the background.

Accelerated Learning

With our educational platform as a basis, we are confident that no matter what knowledge or skill you need and how you take it with you, we will with AW Academy Way as a basis to achieve the learning results in the most effective way possible.  

Accelerated Learning is a time-efficient learning that focuses on using the whole brain. Accelerated Learning is based on brain research that shows that learning is maximized through practical activities, teamwork, and feedback. Accelerated Learning is the fast way to a new career or new skills for those who have the greatest motivation.  

The study begins with one month of independent pre-study, the aim of which is to create the same basic knowledge for all participants, on which the competence is built during the program. The pre-study materials will be shared at the launch event on September 8th, 2022, where you and your classmates' journey towards a new career begins. Prerequisites consist of e.g., getting to know the ServiceNow platform and the basics of JavaScript.

During the program you will learn, among other things:

  • Understand the business processes and transform the needs of companies into technical solutions on the ServiceNow platform
  • Manage ServiceNow's key functions and applications (ITSM, CSM) to develop the ServiceNow platform in a versatile and sustainable way to meet customer needs
  • Deployment of the ServiceNow system and development of various functionalities to build the best possible solution
  • To tailor the ServiceNow platform to diverse needs: this is done by programming functionalities, scripting using JavaScript programming language
  • Work as a team and as part of a project
  • Interaction and communication skills that will support you in your work as a consultant

During the training, you will complete ServiceNow's own Fundamentals course, which allows you to do the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certificate.

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Training schedule

  • Start-up evening: September 8th, 2022. At this event you will meet other participants for the program and afterwards the independent pre-study period begins
  • Intensive training period: October 10th – January 13th 2023  
  • Teaching is held remotely every weekday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Outside teaching hours you also need to take some time to reflect on your learnings and to prepare some tasks
  • Graduation: January 13th
  • First working day and start of a permanent, full-time employment contract: January 16th

About Sofigate

Sofigate is the pioneer of Business Technology Transformation in Northern Europe. Currently, Sofigate employs more than 600 IT management and digital transformation experts in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. With Sofigate’s combination of transformation and strategic capabilities of a global management company, and the agility and innovativeness of a modern digital enterprise, we help organizations lead business and digitalization with technology. We ensure the success of our customers continues in the changing world, and to help and support them in finding new business possibilities in the technology disruption. We do that with a unique combination of best professionals, proven concepts and industry leading technologies, like ServiceNow, to deliver concrete and sustainable results.

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"Det var et strategisk valg, at komme ind i IT-branchen eftersom meget kommer til at handle om IT fremover. Jeg har altid været teknik-interesseret og ville gerne arbejde med IT, men jeg vidste ikke helt hvordan. Via AW Academy fik jeg hurtigt en god indfaldsvinkel, og nu, 12 uger efter, arbejder jeg som systemudvikler. Det er sjovt!"
Lina Jonsson
"Hvis man er nybegynder - som jeg var for et år siden - så findes der ingen kortere vej en denne, til et af de sjoveste job som findes. Efter bare 12 uger er man midt i det hele, og arbejder som udvikler på rigtige projekt."
Nils Grashorn
"Jeg valgte at bytte til en branche, jeg knapt havde nogle forkundskaber inden for. Alligevel fik jeg job direkte efter AW Academy. Nu har jeg arbejdet som udvikler i nogle måneder og ikke fortrudt min beslutningen en eneste dag. Det er så sjovt! Trods at uddannelsen var kort, fik jeg et godt fundament at bygge videre ud fra. At arbejde inden for IT giver uendeligt mange muligheder. Man skal bare sørge for, at man aldrig holder op med at lære."
Moa Mackegård